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I've been seeking representation for a while and I can't get an agent?

Trying to get an Acting Agent can really feel like a Catch-22 situation. Emailing agents, not getting a reply and no feedback to work on for the next time you apply for representation is tough! We hope we can offer some guidance and support you in your journey to getting signed with an agent. 

Resolute's Top Tips


Do your headshots show you authentically as who you really are? Are they up to date? Are they realistically going to get you to be considered for roles that you're suitable for? If you answered no to any of these questions - you need new headshots!

Stay Creative

Still in Training? Attending Acting Classes? Creating your own work? You don't know when the right role is going to come along for you and you'll need to be ready. If you need to focus on other things, then it's okay take time off and you can use staying creative as a release. We're all on our own journey. 

Unique Selling Point

There is only ONE of you in the world. But there could be other actor's who look like you going for the same roles. What makes you different to all those actors? Identify what your USP is and use it to your advantage when applying for representation or work.


Are you regularly reaching out to Casting Directors? How can they cast you if they don't know who you are? Introduce yourself! They're normal people and they want to help you to land roles you've been dreaming of! Plant the seeds for future auditions and work. 


Does your showreel show you off to your full potential on screen? Does your showreel show you acting authentically? If you answered no, we tailor Unique Showreel Scripts made specifically for actors to land an agent and more auditions that will lead to more roles!

You Are A Business

As well as an actor, you are also a business as you are the product you are selling. You need to keep up with a constantly growing industry along with your craft and your skills, as well as keeping your Spotlight, Headshots and Showreel up to date at all times.

Your hard work will pay off, I promise. 

Resources For Unrepresented Actors

ActOnThis.TV - Ross Grant interviews some of the top agents, casting directors and actor's who offer some amazing advice. Get your hands, eyes and ears on information, directly from industry professionals, that can really make the difference between you booking or losing a role.

Sign Up Today Via This Link!

The 21 Day Sent Tape Challenge - Puro Casting

Not Landing Roles? Up Your Self Tape Game. Every day for 21 days you’ll be sent a script to self-tape for the next day, and once submitted you’ll receive feedback on your technique, to then implement onto the next one. 

25 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Spotlight CV

Setting Up And Filming Self Tape Tips For Young Performers


Resolute Resources

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